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Paleo Bread

June 16, 20152 Comments

Is it bread yet? Yes, Alex. It’s bread.   This episode has it all, and by “it all” I mean: voguing (I vogued so hard with that cookbook, you guys), great puns, terrible ideas, spontaneously breaking into song about living in “Hangry Town”, egg juggling and of course, delicious bread eaten with delicious jam. This recipe […]

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Gut Healthy Marshmallows (Kosher, Refined Sugar-free, No HFCS)

May 21, 20144 Comments

Making candy is an adventure. The highs are high.   The lows are low.   But despite the fact that it’s basically a nonstop thrill ride of watching a pot boil verrrrry slowly, the pay off is BIG. So watch the video and watch me, watching my favorite sport: The slow and gradual increase in temperature. […]

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Crazy Fluffy, Gut Friendly Pancakes (GratiTUDE, Day 361)

October 23, 20132 Comments

Today I am grateful for these crazy fluffy, gut friendly pancakes. I don’t usually share recipes that I come up with. Mostly because coming up with recipes, writing them down and then thoroughly testing them to make sure they work, aren’t really where my talents lie. But this one is an exception. I started with […]

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