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Lillian Makes A (Sexy) Sandwich

September 21, 20152 Comments

This isn’t just your basic lettuce, tomato, chicken, mayo, sandwich. No way. This sandwich is SEXY. My friend Mary Brackett shot this hilarious, romantic homage to the sandwich. Check her out. She’s a brilliant photographer and author who cowrote a GAPS cookbook called The Heal Your Gut Cookbook that’s super checkoutable. You want that grain-free, gluten-free bread? It’s […]

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Paleo Chicken Curry Salad Sandwiches

September 8, 20152 Comments

Today I’m putting it all together: The Roasted Lemon Herb Chicken, The Crazy Easy, Paleo Mayo, The Paleo Bread and turning it all into some delicious Paleo Chicken Curry Salad Sandwiches. This chicken curry salad has become a staple for me. I don’t always eat it on a sandwich. It’s actually totally delicious on it’s own. Maybe put […]

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Paleo Bread

June 16, 20152 Comments

Is it bread yet? Yes, Alex. It’s bread.   This episode has it all, and by “it all” I mean: voguing (I vogued so hard with that cookbook, you guys), great puns, terrible ideas, spontaneously breaking into song about living in “Hangry Town”, egg juggling and of course, delicious bread eaten with delicious jam. This recipe […]

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What’s Your GratiTUDE? Day 289 (Stormy Weather & Gooey Chocolate Chocolate Bread)

August 2, 20134 Comments

Today I am grateful for stormy weather & gooey Chocolate Chocolate Bread. Today was windy, rainy and awesome. I don’t understand people who get mad when it rains on vacation. Rain on vacation is just a fantastic invitation to get cozy. Despite the weather, I had a fabulous time in the water. The wind was […]

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What’s Your GratiTUDE? Day 165 (Brinner)

March 28, 20130 Comments

Today I am grateful for brinner. Eggs over easy. Bacon. A slice of bread with tea. What a good dinner. What’s your gratiTUDE today? What is a “GratiTUDE”?: GratiTUDE is a  general attitude of thankfulness and gratefulness.  What is “What’s Your GratiTUDE?”: Every day, for as long as I can keep it going, I’m going to […]

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What’s Your GratiTUDE? Day 153 (Fresh Bread)

March 15, 20130 Comments

Today I am grateful for fresh bread. I have a loaf of bread in the oven. The recipe is basically the paleo bread from Elana’s Pantry with 1/2 tsp of salt, no honey, brush the top of the loaf with a beaten egg before I put it in the oven and bake it for almost […]

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Irish Soda Bread!

April 19, 20117 Comments

This recipe is from Elana over at  elanaspantry.com And it’s a good one.

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Irish Soda Bread as a metaphor for The Universe!

April 8, 20110 Comments

My friend Alex Ramos and I get nerdy while I mix the dry ingredients for my upcoming episode: Irish Soda Bread. Which is pretty exciting on it’s own, but apparently it’s also a metaphor for The UNIVERSE which really pushes this level of excitement over the top. Oh Science. LOVElillian

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Spinach Bread Redo!!!!!

October 26, 20100 Comments

I wasn’t totally happy with the outcome of this recipe the first time around, so this time I’m taking a few suggestions you guys left in the comments and I’m trying them out for the very first time, on camera!

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Spinach Bread

September 8, 20100 Comments

I tried. I really did… I made some mistakes along the way, and just couldn’t ever fully recover…

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