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Lillian Makes A (Sexy) Sandwich

September 21, 20152 Comments

This isn’t just your basic lettuce, tomato, chicken, mayo, sandwich. No way. This sandwich is SEXY. My friend Mary Brackett shot this hilarious, romantic homage to the sandwich. Check her out. She’s a brilliant photographer and author who cowrote a GAPS cookbook called The Heal Your Gut Cookbook that’s super checkoutable. You want that grain-free, gluten-free bread? It’s […]

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Paleo Bread

June 16, 20152 Comments

Is it bread yet? Yes, Alex. It’s bread.   This episode has it all, and by “it all” I mean: voguing (I vogued so hard with that cookbook, you guys), great puns, terrible ideas, spontaneously breaking into song about living in “Hangry Town”, egg juggling and of course, delicious bread eaten with delicious jam. This recipe […]

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Paleo Thin Mints

January 12, 20143 Comments

It’s been years since I’ve had Girl Scout Cookies, and like most of us, they hold a special, longed for place in my heart. In our house, we kept the thin mints in the freezer (like you do).  It was always a challenge to open the roll and not eat the entire thing. A challenge […]

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Baking As Meditation (GratiTUDE: 1 Year + 33 Days)

January 9, 20144 Comments

Peeling and slicing the apples. Mixing the crumble and using my hands. I feel grounded now. The process of baking calms me down and then I get to eat something delicious. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. This is my favorite apple crisp recipe. It’s based on this one, but it’s completely […]

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Crazy Fluffy, Gut Friendly Pancakes (GratiTUDE, Day 361)

October 23, 20132 Comments

Today I am grateful for these crazy fluffy, gut friendly pancakes. I don’t usually share recipes that I come up with. Mostly because coming up with recipes, writing them down and then thoroughly testing them to make sure they work, aren’t really where my talents lie. But this one is an exception. I started with […]

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Paleo Everyday Cookies

July 4, 201215 Comments

Cookies. That you can reasonably eat EVERYDAY. Just try and tell me that doesn’t make you happy. Try it. I dare you. Ingredients 1 peeled Banana 1 peeled and sliced Apple 1/2 cup Almond Butter 3 Tbsp Palm Shortening 1 tsp Vanilla Extract 1 1/2 cups Blanched Almond Flour 1 tsp Baking Soda 1/2 tsp Celtic […]

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Apple Puff! Pancakes

February 24, 20127 Comments

These apple puff! pancakes are really tasty and also are a great way to have a pastry in the morning or at brunch and not have to spend the whole time cooking, but rather,  have time to sit down with your friends and family. Feel free to experiment with the spices. The next time I […]

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Alex wants to know: What’s the difference between almond butter and almond flour?

September 30, 20110 Comments

Alex wants to know: What’s the difference between almond butter and almond flour? And then we make a shameless plea for corporate sponsorship. Or at least a free blender.

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Chocolate Mousse Pie (with Strawberries!)

July 29, 20116 Comments

FYI… this pie is RIDICULOUSLY easy to make. And dang, it’s gooooood.

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November 8, 20100 Comments

I did this the (relatively) hard way.  You don’t have to.  Here’s my revised recipe for this fantastic apple crisp complete with all the changes that I suggest in this episode:   Filling Ingredients 8 large thinly sliced Apples (I used Macouns) 1/4 cup Honey 1/4 cup Blanched Almond Flour 1 tsp Cinnamon 1/4 tsp […]

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