Paleo Samoa Donuts

February 24, 20150 Comments

Samoa, as in the Girl Scout cookies. Only donuts. And paleo. And grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, cane sugar-free and soy-free (always and of course). This recipe is from The Urban Poser. She is a magical wizard genius and no one can tell me otherwise. So, you want to make yourself some adorable Paleo Samoa Donuts. The […]

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Honey Caramel (Dairy-Free, Paleo)

February 12, 20152 Comments

Ah caramel. You keep me on my toes. You sticky, delicious beast, you. This recipes comes from The Urban Poser, who is a crazily brilliant paleo baker and if you don’t know about her, I suggest you get acquainted. She’s got a cookbook coming out that I both supported in her kickstarter and have had […]

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What Is BPA And Should You Avoid It?

January 5, 20151 Comment

BPA, or bisphenal-a, is an endocrine disruptor, an estrogen-mimicking industrial chemical used in some plastic bottles and food packaging which “plays havoc with the hormones in the body’s endocrine system.” And it is everywhere. And it’s everywhere because it’s been unregulated for years. “BPA has been used since the 1960s to make hard plastic bottles, cups […]

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Crispy Carrots That Can GET IT

December 19, 20143 Comments

Boiling carrots is one the quickest way to ruin this delicious vegetable. So don’t do that. This holiday season, let’s give ourselves the gift of good fat, delicious crisp and vegetables that aren’t gross. I basically wanted french fries… but made from carrots. I wanted carrots I would want to snack on throughout the winter. […]

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Paleo Huevos Rancheros FTW

October 20, 20140 Comments

I made these tortillas, and then I stuffed said tortillas with an unbelievable amount of delicious things. (Too much to be honest, a lot of it fell out. But these are the risks we take when we don’t do any trial runs of anything ever.) So here they are: Huevos Rancheros made my way. Complete with […]

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Vegan Marshmallows! Are hard to make!

September 29, 20140 Comments

Catie, my long time shooting partner for LTK episodes and very excellent friend, is a vegetarian. Which means she doesn’t eat marshmallows because they are made with gelatin, which comes from animals. I make a point to buy the most responsible and sustainable gelatin that I can find, which she appreciates. But she still won’t […]

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SUPERfood Tortillas & Fart Jokes (Paleo, GAPS, SCD Friendly)

August 13, 20141 Comment

I made paleo, grain-free, SCD-friendly, GAPS tortillas with only 5 ingredients for the very first time on camera. And then, because the base is cauliflower, I also made some fart jokes. All in all, it was a good day. Cauliflower has been recently anointed as the next SUPERfood. Apparently it’s the new kale! So everyone should feel free to […]

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Gut Healthy Marshmallows (Kosher, Refined Sugar-free, No HFCS)

May 21, 20144 Comments

Making candy is an adventure. The highs are high.   The lows are low.   But despite the fact that it’s basically a nonstop thrill ride of watching a pot boil verrrrry slowly, the pay off is BIG. So watch the video and watch me, watching my favorite sport: The slow and gradual increase in temperature. […]

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Lillian Gives Candy To Strangers

April 23, 20148 Comments

I made marshmallows (recipe incoming) and then hit the streets to see if I could get strangers to take my homemade candy. Parents were super excited to let their kids have my kosher, cane sugar-free marshmallows. And can you blame them? I can’t. Those things are GOOD. LOVElillian Follow me on the twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube, instagram and if you never want […]

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3 Is The Magic Number (GratiTUDE: 1 Year + 43 Days)

February 14, 20143 Comments

I’m going through some stuff right now and feeling the need to be private for a little while, hence the gap in my daily gratiTUDEs. But don’t worry, I’ll be back when I’m ready. Here is a fantastic song that I hope will brighten your day the way it just brightened mine.  What’s your gratiTUDE […]

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