Don’t put Pinesol in your Lemonade

August 2, 201221 Comments
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Don’t do it. It’s a terrible idea. It’s not food!

Also, I have a very real question:

What do you do with a vanilla bean besides make extract and perfume? Anyone know?

Screen shot 2012 08 02 at 2.11.49 PM Dont put Pinesol in your LemonadePlease let me know your ideas in the comments!


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Lillian makes other people's gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, cane-sugar-free recipes. For the very first time. On camera. She tests them out so you don't have to.

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  1. laura fischler says:

    you can make Vanilla bean paste. IDK, what you do with the paste, lol.

    Usually when using a whole vanilla bean, you scrap the stuff out and use that in your recipe, discarding the empty “bean”.

    • lillian says:

      Hmmm. I have no idea what to do with the paste either. Maybe I can put it in ice cream? Or would that be gross?

  2. Diana Lesire Brandmeyer says:

    Ice Cream!!! But don’t ask me how to do it. I think you should do it and show us how.

  3. Ouida Lampert says:

    Vanilla sugar! Just put the whole bean (or the pod after you scrape out the seeds) into your jar of sugar.

  4. eden says:

    Well… since you ASKED for comments, here goes :-) .

    Laura is right, the stuff that gets used is the seeds and accompanying goo inside of the bean. I saw a suggestion once about putting the leftover pods in sugar to make vanilla sugar… and then as I type this I remember that you’re allergic to cane sugar. (How Rude am I!) So could you put the pods in say coconut sugar? Or steap in coconut milk to flavor it? This has turned into a stream of consciousness comment. Appologies.

    (disclaimer/ I’m too Po Folk to actually Use whole bean vanilla… my vast knowledge comes from cooking shows /end disclaimer)

    • lillian says:


      You’re not rude. I’m sure I could do it with coconut sugar or something. That’s a really good idea.
      Vanilla coconut milk? That sounds amazing too! If this is your stream of consciousness comments, then I say keep it coming. You’re on a roll!

  5. amber says:

    Love your glasses lady! You’re just adorable.

    We have the same red Vitamix. :-)

    Okay, so I mainly use vanilla beans in ice cream or homemade chocolate. And you’re right about making homemade vanilla extract with vanilla beans. You could also use the fresh beans to make vanilla bean coconut whipped cream. I love the vanilla bean, although I always thought it looked more like stick (vanilla stick).

    • lillian says:

      Aw thanks!
      You have such great ideas! Vanilla Bean coconut whipped cream? My brain just exploded. I have 3 vanilla beans that I’ve been staring at for a while wondering what to do with. I may have just found my answer.

      I just got the vitamix. I couldn’t be more excited about it. And it’s red! And we match! Adorbs!

  6. Ellen (Gluten Free Diva) says:

    so glad you didn’t put pinesol in your lemonade. yuck. Good move. And as for vanilla beans, I make my own Vanilla Extract which is really good. So good that I want to drink it from the bottle, but I don’t. Which is a good thing because then I have plenty to use in my cooking and baking.

  7. Sarah says:

    Ditto the compliment on the amazing (new?) glasses. Keep rocking those!
    I don’t know, vanilla bean just seems too expensive and complicated to bother with!

    • lillian says:

      Thanks Sarah! I’ll start to wear them more. I don’t like contacts that much anyway. :) Yeah, I’ve felt the same way about vanilla bean, but I at least want to know what you do with it. You know?

  8. Ellen says:

    yup. ditto on the vanilla sugar. tho i suppose it could be in any granulated sweetener and not only cane sugar. and yes, i know lots of people who add vanilla bean to clear booze and give the resulting vanilla extract as gifts. yes, love the specs too, btw…

    • lillian says:

      Yeah, I’m thinking it would be a great Christmas/Hannukah gift. Only, I should probably start making it now. :) And thanks! I’ve had these glasses for a while, but I don’t wear them that often. But now that you guys are being so sweet, I might give my contacts a break and wear them more often!

  9. Kate @eatrecyclerepeat says:

    I scrape out the inside of the bean and use in ice cream or other desserts. You can then use the scraped out pods to make vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, or vanilla SALT. It sounds really weird, but it is phenomenal in any baked goods that call for salt. If I make almond hot cocoa or any steeped beverage, I also throw either the scrapings or the pod in if I have some lying around from another recipe.

  10. Brielle says:

    Ok, so not for food, but I take sea salt, Epsom salts, grapeseed oil, orange zest and vanilla bean, and use these to make a body scrub. It smells insanely good and gets rid of all my scaly grossness.

  11. Alisa says:

    You are too cute! I haven’t used vanilla beans either, but know they are great for raw recipes (like ice cream as mentioned) where you don’t want the alcohol flavor in there. Plus, they leave those little vanilla specks. Yum!

  12. Ida says:

    I use vanilla bean (as in the seeds inside the bean) as I would do vanilla extract. I cakes, anything with chocolate, in cookies and biscuits, smoothies (great paired with banana and cherries/blackberries/cocoa/blackcurrants) and so on. My favourite way of using vanilla bean is by steeping the empty pod in some kind of milk to make panna cotta, puddings or ice cream.

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