When Life Gives You Lemons, Juggle Them

April 30, 20150 Comments

I give myself an A for effort, a D- for execution. Please notice the look of concentration on my face and I’ve got all three lemons, okay, two lemons in the air! It was a brief but thrilling experience. If you like this, please share it. LOVElillian Music by Spirit Kid. Check them out. Follow […]

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The Chicken Dance!

April 30, 20150 Comments

We play with our food. We dance with our food. Literally. If you like this, please share it. LOVElillian Music by Spirit Kid. Check them out. Follow me on the twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube, instagram and if you never want to miss an episode, get on the mailing list!

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Play With Your Food

November 5, 20131 Comment

Who says there’s only one way to drink a smoothie? And who says being healthy isn’t fun? 🙂 SHOW THEM TO ME. This Booger-Green, Slime, Kale Smoothie is really delicious and feels surprisingly good on the skin. 😉 For the full episode and recipe go here. LOVElillian Follow me on the twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube, instagram and if you never want […]

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LTK is BACK (with a new episode)

February 6, 20138 Comments

For the past month I’ve been hard at work learning how to use a whole new video editing software. I’ve been learning how to use final cut pro. If you’re wondering how that’s been going, this video is a pretty good simulation. 🙂 It’s taken me just over 30 days, but I’ve learned a lot […]

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Don’t put Pinesol in your Lemonade

August 2, 201221 Comments

Don’t do it. It’s a terrible idea. It’s not food! Also, I have a very real question: What do you do with a vanilla bean besides make extract and perfume? Anyone know? Please let me know your ideas in the comments! LOVElillian Follow me on twitter Love me on facebook Get on my mailing list!!!!

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Childhood Brainwashing (To Eat Healthy)

June 27, 20125 Comments

They told us to eat apples and bananas. “Eat them everyday”. They sad. “They’ll keep the doctor away”. They said. And then we met Cookie Monster. And everything changed. The messages that we learn in childhood are incredibly powerful. They sink in and they sink in deep. One message that I absorbed as a child […]

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March 30, 20122 Comments

This would be my strategy if I was in charge of a new campaign to keep kids in school. “So you think math is useless to life? You’re wrong. Fractions are totally important! Impress your friends! Stay in school so you can learn the skills necessary to making delicious cookies. Also, guys, kind of unrelated […]

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Introducing Cookie Monster: ARCH VILLAIN!!!!!!

March 23, 20120 Comments

In a follow up to last week’s episode, I do my best Cookie Monster, Arch Villain. CHALLENGE: My “Arch Villain” a work in progress. But maybe yours is more advanced? Send me short videos or photos of you doing your best “Arch Villain” impressions. I’ll pick the best and post them here! Email them to […]

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how to cheer up a cookie monster

March 16, 20122 Comments

I have a cookie plan and I cannot be stopped. Even by sadness. music: “You Lit Up For Me” by Spirit Kid LOVElillian

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The “Secret Ingredient”

March 8, 20122 Comments

What is the “secret ingredient”? Is it love or is it something else? We’re asking the big questions today. Music: “Happiness” by Spirit Kid. LOVElillian

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