Paleo Bread

June 16, 20152 Comments

Is it bread yet? Yes, Alex. It’s bread.   This episode has it all, and by “it all” I mean: voguing (I vogued so hard with that cookbook, you guys), great puns, terrible ideas, spontaneously breaking into song about living in “Hangry Town”, egg juggling and of course, delicious bread eaten with delicious jam. This recipe […]

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Crispy Carrots That Can GET IT

December 19, 20143 Comments

Boiling carrots is one the quickest way to ruin this delicious vegetable. So don’t do that. This holiday season, let’s give ourselves the gift of good fat, delicious crisp and vegetables that aren’t gross. I basically wanted french fries… but made from carrots. I wanted carrots I would want to snack on throughout the winter. […]

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Carrot Orange Spice Cupcakes w/ Coconut Orange Buttercream Frosting (Paleo, GAPS, Nut-free) + A Giveaway

May 3, 201342 Comments

So many things today! I’m doing a giveaway of 3 copies of Nourishing Meals (It’s a totally awesome cookbook. But if you want to know what I really think of it, click here) AND I’m making some cupcakes & frosting (both from Nourishing Meals) that you should make for your next brunch.   Cupcakes for brunch? YES […]

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