Crispy Carrots That Can GET IT

December 19, 20143 Comments

Boiling carrots is one the quickest way to ruin this delicious vegetable. So don’t do that. This holiday season, let’s give ourselves the gift of good fat, delicious crisp and vegetables that aren’t gross. I basically wanted french fries… but made from carrots. I wanted carrots I would want to snack on throughout the winter. […]

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BBQ Condiments!!!

August 5, 20111 Comment

It’s summer and everyone’s grilling and I can’t eat any of the BBQ sauces. But I’m not feeling sorry for myself. No Ma’am! I’m going to be making these gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, cane sugar-free, soy-free sauces this August.

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Irish Soda Bread!

April 19, 20117 Comments

This recipe is from Elana over at And it’s a good one.

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March 4, 20110 Comments

This fantastic, basic brussel sprout recipe is from the Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook.

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Cauliflower Florets!

February 17, 20110 Comments

What do you do when it turns out that you don’t have ANY of the spices called for in a recipe? You wing it. That’s what you do. 🙂

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Three Ways to Make Ripe Plantains!

February 8, 20112 Comments

Today I’m making Ripe Plantains three different ways.  And they’re all delicious! Sauteed, Baked, and Boiled. All delicious and suuuuuper simple.

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December 22, 20100 Comments

This is a super simple and satisfying recipe. Perfect for those of you on a low carb, or paleo/primal diet!

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Paleo & SCD Friendly Mashed “Potatoes”

December 14, 20100 Comments

Some primal goodness and a fantastic alternative to mashed potatoes…

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Spinach Bread Redo!!!!!

October 26, 20100 Comments

I wasn’t totally happy with the outcome of this recipe the first time around, so this time I’m taking a few suggestions you guys left in the comments and I’m trying them out for the very first time, on camera!

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Spinach Bread

September 8, 20100 Comments

I tried. I really did… I made some mistakes along the way, and just couldn’t ever fully recover…

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