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What Is Trocomare?

April 30, 20150 Comments

I use trocomare often as a salt alternative. But what is it and what are the ingredients? Please allow me to tell you in MY OWN VOICE. If you like this, please share it. LOVElillian Music by Spirit Kid. Check them out. Follow me on the twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube, instagram and if you never want to miss an episode, get on […]

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What Is BPA And Should You Avoid It?

January 5, 20151 Comment

BPA, or bisphenal-a, is an endocrine disruptor, an estrogen-mimicking industrial chemical used in some plastic bottles and food packaging which “plays havoc with the hormones in the body’s endocrine system.” And it is everywhere. And it’s everywhere because it’s been unregulated for years. “BPA has been used since the 1960s to make hard plastic bottles, cups […]

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Baking is Serious Business: Don’t Forget To Stretch

April 18, 20132 Comments

Today I’m doing some strenuous baking. ALSO: I realized after I grated all those carrots that I could have made my life a whole lot easier by just tossing them into the food processor DIRECTLY BEHIND ME. But ah well. Hindsight is always 20/20, right? LOVElillian Follow me on the twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube and if you never want to […]

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What are Psyllium Husks?

December 15, 20122 Comments

You’ve probably started seeing this ingredient in recipes sometime in the past year. I started seeing psyllium husks and psyllium husks powder in recipes about 6 months ago. At the time, I didn’t know what it was, or why someone would use it. And since I am always a little suspicious of new ingredients, I […]

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Connecting The Dots: Food Cravings, Anemia & Celiac Disease.

December 6, 201212 Comments

I tested positive for anemia (the most common sign of celiac disease that can be detected by basic laboratory tests) when I was a 8 or 9 years old and so my doctor had me start taking iron supplements. It was this awful liquid medicine that tasted like bad rust. And ever since then, the diagnosis of […]

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All About Key Limes

November 20, 20120 Comments

Some things are just helpful to know. Instance, when is key lime season? (Summertime. But apparently they can be gotten year round from Mexico and Central America, although they are really hard to find in my northeastern supermarket even in August.) And do you want to know what the differences are between key limes and […]

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Let’s Talk About Stevia

November 15, 201218 Comments

Stevia is an herb, like basil, but it’s flavor is sweet.   I have just started using stevia, I’ll use it in baked goods or raw desserts when it is called for, but to be honest, I’m still on the fence about it. After I shot this episode, I started using stevia in what I […]

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The Link Between Food Allergies, Nutrient Deprivation & Binging

November 8, 201213 Comments

One of the consequences of food allergies is nutrient deprivation. And one of the side affects of nutrient deprivation is binging. For years I had food allergies without realizing it. During that time I became increasingly nutrient deprived. Because I was nutrient starved, I began to binge eat. At that point, I was 13 going […]

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Surviving vs Thriving: Nutrition Style

November 1, 201210 Comments

Eating the proper kind of food is important (obvious cops!). However, what is intensely nourishing for you may not be intensely nourishing for me. But there is something that cuts across the board. Whatever food is optimal for you, if you’re not eating it, and instead are eating food that hurts you in some way, […]

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Food Allergy Survival Series: Eating Out With Food Allergies

October 26, 20124 Comments

In a way that still surprises me to this day, having food allergies means having difficult conversations about food. These conversations are difficult because, as you know, food is not just food. Food is a inextricable part of our laws of hospitality and to reject someone’s kind offer of food is simply not done. It […]

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