It’s Just Grape Juice: The Problem With Wine Appreciation

August 14, 20133 Comments

For no good reason, we’re intimidated by wine. We’ve forgotten that it’s not some coveted, pedestal worthy artifact. It’s simply something that people drink. For a few years I worked at a wine bar in Manhattan. Effectively, I sold wine. I described the wine, I got excited about the wine, and I was pretty good (not great) at […]

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The Guide To Buying Clean And Healthy Wines

July 23, 201312 Comments

If you want to avoid all of this potentially added into your wine: sulphites sugar stabilizing agents fining and filtration agents clarification agents de-acidification agents acidification agents texturizing agents thickening agents coloring agents synthetic alcohols commercial/fabricated yeasts fabricated tannins defoaming agents Then you need to learn how to shop for wine. You need to know […]

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What’s In My Wine???

July 17, 201313 Comments

Wine has always been difficult for me and I have never understood why. It shouldn’t be a problem for me, since it’s made of grapes, which I’m not allergic to (thank goodness). So I figured that I just can’t handle the alcohol. And that would have made sense to me (having a sensitive body and […]

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Food Warrior Series: The Long Tricky Road To Diagnosis w/ AndreAnna

July 18, 20125 Comments

AndreAnna of Life As A Plate eats a Paleo Diet to help manage her PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and her overall health. (Her transformation has been incredible. See her tell her story here.) But when she changed her diet to manage her own health, she noticed a big change in her family as well. That […]

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Food Warrior Series: How Did I Get Here? Featuring Lillian

April 27, 201220 Comments

The truth is that I didn’t know who I was until I sorted out my food allergies. I couldn’t possibly. My reactions to food clouded everything. This is definitely the cliff’s notes version of how it all went down, but the amazing, delightful surprise and the gift of it all, is that going through it […]

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Food Warrior Series: How Did I Get Here? featuring Alisa Fleming

April 20, 201211 Comments

Alisa Fleming of and talks about her life long dairy allergy, ending up in the emergency room, and how her husband’s support helped her make a life change that has transformed her life. This is an amazing story. If you take anything from this episode, I’d love it to be this: You know […]

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Food Warrior Series: The Long Road To Celiac Diagnosis

April 13, 201212 Comments

AndreAnna of is amazing. She got diagnosed with PCOS and started on her journey to health from there. She talks to me about how and why she got started on a Primal diet. And how her life is different now for her and her family. I’ve learned a lot from her. She is inspirational, and […]

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Introducing: The Food Warrior Series!

April 6, 20122 Comments

This is happening. music: ‘Wrong Kind Of Money’ by Spirit Kid LOVElillian

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Ane & Lillian ON:  Balance

July 1, 20112 Comments

In order to figure out how to find it, we first have to sort out what “it” even is. And that’s just what Ane and I are trying to do. As I’ve been thinking more about the idea of balance, I realized that the way I had always thought about it is in that same […]

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What is Balance?

June 24, 20110 Comments

Balance is illusive. I feel like I’m always searching for it. And whenever it seems like I’ve found it; found that thin, calm line between excesses, it slips through my fingers. And it occurred to me, that even while I am constantly searching for some “sense of balance”, I don’t really know what balance is.

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