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Find The Best has been the go-to source for recipes since 1987. With over 50 million monthly visitors, it's the number one recipe site in the U.S.

At Lillians Test Kitchen, we're dedicated to providing trusted expert content and tested products you can trust. We highlight trusted expert content and tested product recommendations from some of the most respected names in the industry.


We're proud to say that since there's really no other magazine on Earth that can claim such an amazing history, we have to spend a few minutes bragging about some of our achievements. For example, did you know that a comfortable 36 inches are the standard height for kitchen sink and countertops, as determined by the experts at the Lillians Test Kitchen station.


We're not just another online magazine; we're a community of passionate women who believe in living better together! And we know how hard it can be to find great information, so we've put together a collection of resources that'll help you get through the day, no matter where you are. From cooking tips to fashion trends, we've got you covered. So take a peek inside and start reading today!


Read on to discover the amazing people behind the pages of Lillians Test Kitchen magazine, and to read more about our editorial policies!

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